Hi Friends,

I am very excited to tell you about BitCamp.

BitCamp is blockchain and crypto literacy for the whole family!

Blockchain Education Game implemented on BitClout Nodes and Code

BitClout is a new type of Social Network and Defi platform, with NFT's on the way!

For the past year, I and my team have been learning about Bitcoin, NFTs, DeFi, and Social Tokens from inside the blockchain with Rally.IO BitClout, AAVE, Hive, and others.


Because of the way BitClout was rolled out we were able to get inside the community and document the process through many eyes, conversations, and transactions on the blockchain. It's been an incredible experience and only because of few things coming together.

We want to bring this knowledge and start applying and testing this with trusted friends and colleagues. We have a lot of great contacts, and relationships but right now need help with operations and deployment. Project and Product Management and Coordination.

We will run an Indigogo campaign, which you can see here in the preview stage, https://j.mp/2VncYhT I would love to see if you would want to be involved in Team or Contributor capacity! We appreciate all the feedback and will provide you with access, as we get it set up.